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Thanks to...

  • Deborah Gibson, obviously!
  • To my best friend, you are so special to me !!!
  • To any and every contributor of this site, whether named or those that requested to remain anonymous.
  • All the "guys" for teaching me how to programme a computer (not just HTML / CSS / PHP) but all those other unsung heros like BASIC, Pascal, C, C++, Machine Code, and all the rest.
  • To all the "beta testers" at my website host who checked the site out to iron out the bugs in the design before it went "live".
  • To my website host, for offering such great service.
  • You viewers who actually bother to check this site out (that's us Deborah Gibson fans).
  • Personal Computer World magazine, for teaching me a lot of the computer stuff that I know.

Also thanks to the following companies for making great software - without whome I would not be able to write this layout.

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